We work in partnership with various actors, public and private, French and international.


Alstom, a world leader in rail, has chosen a partnership with the start-up WeCo to develop ecological toilets in the trains of the future

The innovations reduce maintenance costs and the ecological impact of toilets through on-board waste treatment. The industrial know-how of this large CAC 40 company provides WeCo with valuable industrial and technological expertise

the Île-de-France region

WeCo is supported by the Île-de-France region as part of the Innov'Up experimentation program

WeCo is a member of the Paris Île-de-France region club, which brings together 4,000 SMEs and 1,000 Ile-de-France start-ups

In June 2018, a meeting took place with the President of the Île-de-France region who showed great interest in the toilet systems developed by WeCo


WeCo is a member of the IDF Eco-entreprises club, aiming to develop the lle-de-France SMEs in the environment, energy, circular economy fields; to promote the solutions provided by the eco-SMEs; and to be a key player for the ecological transition in IDF


WeCo is a member of CleanTech Open France. Founded by ECOSYS Group, the Cleantech Open France is a program for identifying and supporting cleantech startups and SMEs

Its mission is to animate the French and European cleantech ecosystem to accelerate the marketing and industrialization of solutions contributing to climate change mitigation


Montpellier Engineering was founded in 2011, they are specialized in the innovative technologies of information especially in the field of water

Montpellier Engineering takes care of the production of our electrical controllers


SNME is a Normand company of a family group diversified in the industry

SNME makes the fitting out of containers, the integration of the WeCo technology, the energy supply and the industrialization of our technologies and toilets


WeCo has been incubated by EIT Climate KIC inn 2017 and won the GreenQ competition for its development in China in 2019, selected for its positive impact on climate change and its potential development in China with only five other European start-ups

France Ville Durable

WeCo is a founding member and board member of the Institut Ville Durable, now France Ville Durable, which is the French association of stakeholders in the sustainable city

Its mission is to support the most innovative projects, to create and run the French reference portal on sustainable cities, to encourage and disseminate research and training on the integrated approach of the city, and finally to support French know-how for export

WeCo is an active member of the Board of FVD, the only start-up alongside large groups and ministries


The Cluster Eau-Milieux-Sols is an association serving its members and the regions of Île-de-France, the aim of which is to build a dynamic of innovation in the fields of water, environments and soils

As an active member of the EMS Cluster, WeCo is also a member of the national France Water Team network which brings together all the poles and clusters in the water sector in France.  WeCo is a member of the executive Board of the EMS Cluster


The Matériauxpôle is a cluster located in Paris Seine-Amont, bringing together companies, laboratories, local authorities and project leaders, which focus their activities on materials and processes

We have placed our premises within their establishment, which gives us the opportunity to be in constant contact with different service providers who work with the same will and vision as us. They help us both for the technical part and for the financial part of our project. A model of our public toilets is on display there


WeCo is a member of the HYDREOS cluster which works the development of the water sector in the north-east of France, with the aim of bringing together and developing a community and innovative solutions for water networks HYDREOS supports its members in the implementation of actions in favour of water sustenable management in all forms


WeCo is a member of the International Water Association (IWA), the association of water and sanitation professionals The IWA brings together national associations, public and private players and individual members in 140 different countries. The association search for solutions to reduce water waste and organises world events to discuss the latest innovations and influence the international regulation for water

Water Europe

Water Europe gathers the European large and medium-sized companies and academic partners of the water field and awarded the Prize for Innovation in 2020 to WeCo


WeCo is a member of ASTEE, the Scientific and Technical Association for Water and the Environment. ASTEE is a public utility association that supports the operational implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the French territory in the field of water and waste.

The association also publishes a magazine, TSM, a breeding ground for scientific and technical studies on water and waste, allowing environmental specialists to disseminate their work to 10,000 readers


SuSanA is an international alliance whose members share a common understanding of what the viable and sustainable sanitation solutions of tomorrow can be. It bridges the gap between field experiences and an engaged community made up of professionals, policy makers, researchers and academics from different backgrounds

Its aim is to promote innovation and best practices in policy, programming and implementation. The WeCo project is fully in line with this mindset


Club ADEME International brings together innovative French SMEs and midcaps interested in international development. This network allows its members to exchange in a privileged way with public actors in charge of foreign trade and experts in the environment and energy.


WeCo is a member of the Board of Construction 21, social media for building and sustainable cities, in the Industry college

In 2018, C21 awarded WeCo a Green Solution Award in the infrastructure category, congratulating WeCo on its fight against global warming