WC Container

We offer containers ranging from 7m2 to 30m2. The cost and size of our containers vary depending on the different options and devices required by the customer. The design is well thought in order to integrate the surrounding area and satisfy users

Our containers adapt to each customer and space, so as to take into account all the constraints and demands specific to orders

Technology only

Technology can be sold on its own and then integrated into buildings or other structures, whether fixed or mobile.


Prices are adjusted according to estimated attendance

Hand washing different technologies with recycling of grey water on site by separate circuit of hand washing water Energy autonomy by solar panels

Interior options

  • Baby changing area
  • Sound ambiance
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Display case
  • Relaxation area
  • Urinal with screen / design
  • Automated flush
  • Toilet paper dispenser

Exterior Options

  • Cladding: wood cladding, green roofing...
  • Openings: hopper window, porthole, glazed steel frame...