Following the jury’s deliberation, we are delighted to announce that WeCo has been chosen to exhibit at the Techinnov 2023 Exhibition as one of the 5 winners of the Techinnov 2030 Competition in the Energy and Decarbonation theme. This exhibition will take place on March 28, 2023 at the Parc Floral de Paris.

Participating in Techinnov 2023 is a great opportunity to strengthen WeCo position within the French Tech ecosystem and to demonstrate our commitment to technological innovation.

Techinnov: an important exhibition for innovative companies like WeCo

The Techinnov exhibition is a major event for innovative companies in the field of energy and decarbonization. It will be held on March 28, 2023 at the Parc Floral de Paris, and will bring together key industry players to discuss the latest trends and innovations.

As a winner of the Techinnov 2030 competition, our company will have the chance to have a booth during this show, and you will be able to find us thanks to our logo and the mention “Techinnov 2030 Laureate”.

For 17 years, Techinnov has been the main meeting place for the innovation ecosystem. Techinnov has become the first business conference in France dedicated to innovation, whose DNA and primary objective is to facilitate business meetings and partnerships between large corporations, SMEs, research organizations, start-ups and investors.

The Techinnov community is a complete ecosystem dedicated to innovation, allowing innovative companies like WeCo to present their technologies, innovations and know-how.

It is also the most important French event for financing and supporting innovation, with a hundred investors looking for the nugget of tomorrow. But above all, this show is a real opportunity for business development for companies from 300 major groups and SMEs looking for innovative solutions!

An important opportunity for WeCo

We are excited to participate in this prestigious exhibition and to show our commitment to innovation in the field of water and decarbonation.

This show offers higher visibility to a qualified audience of decision makers, which will give us the opportunity to communicate around our brand and showcase our dynamism.

Meet innovative suppliers

Techinnov is a great opportunity to meet innovative suppliers in the field of decarbonation, such as WeCo for the treatment and reuse of wastewater from toilets and sanitation systems in general.

Particularly, WeCo technologies are aimed at professionals, at companies that want to benefit from our technology for closed loop recycled water toilets, either for ecological reasons since we can achieve water savings up to 97%, or to have autonomous toilets without connection to the networks, or to invest in innovation and have a technology adapted to your industry. Sometimes it’s a combination of all these reasons. CSR departments of companies particularly appreciate our technologies, for their social and environmental impact.

The Techinnov platform has a predictive engine that, by accurately describing our know-how, our innovative products and our expectations, will propose the most relevant profiles.

This will allow us to explore new markets, discover new opportunities, meet new prospects and identify partners.

Meet major groups and investors

Techinnov is also a unique opportunity to meet with large corporations and investors looking for new opportunities.

With our research areas, technological bricks or R&D skills, we will have the opportunity to meet experts in these fields and identify new opportunities with 2,000 innovation decision-makers.

The association of WeCo, winner of the competition, to the Techinnov exhibition will allow us to reinforce our reputation as an innovative player on the national and international scene.

Moreover, participation in this event will allow us to participate in the development of tomorrow’s companies and generate business opportunities, not only during the event, but also before and after it.