The TOP: an initiative of Afep

Every year, since 2018, the French Association of Private Companies Afep organizes an event particularly beneficial to SMEs. Indeed, this event allows the leaders of these SMEs to meet the leaders of large groups. This year, 40 of them responded to the event in order to exchange with SMEs and ETIs.

Several sectors involved

This event brings together 1,200 SMEs from all over France, bringing together players from different sectors. The big bosses present are also from various fields. We have therefore LVMH, Sanofi, Roquette Frères or JCDecaux present.

WeCo as a beneficiary of valuable exchange time

Participating companies, such as WeCo, were granted 3 meetings of 7 minutes with the leaders. This allowed them to expand their network and receive advice.

WeCo convinces with its pitch

Companies have to make a short video where they present themselves, their activities, their challenges. Here is the transcript of the video of WeCo, represented by its president Cécile Dekeuwer.

{Hello, I’m Cécile dekeuwer, CEO and co-founder of the company WeCo.

  • What is WeCo? We make sustainable, off-grid water recycling toilets.
  • Issues : The market is huge and everyone needs toilets, but private organizations need toilets for their employees, for their customers, but also for their specific activities. So, in the future, we will be able to provide the specific market with high value and high technicality developed for its specific activity.
  • Your business : We have it all, we have the market, we have the people, we have the technology, we have the patents, we have all the knowledge and business opportunity, now we just need the funds to really scale up.
  • Added value : This is the world’s first patented technology that treats and recycles toilet wastewater. Prior to this, there was no technology for toilets, or if there was, it was only for wastewater treatment and not for reuse.
  • The Message : When you are passionate, committed and believe in yourself and what you are doing, there is no reason why you can’t succeed.}