From March 13 to 17th 2023, the 2023 edition of ISH Frankfurt Fair took place. This is one of the main trade fairs in the world for the water sectors, the bathroom, the building, and energy. It takes place every two years in Frankfurt, Germany, and has a wide range of products and innovations from the main manufacturers and suppliers in the sector.

The fair had several halls dedicated to water which highlighted the products and solutions related to the preservation of water, especially for toilet companies making low -volume water flushes. Thus, WeCo took the opportunity to make its unique technology of on-site autonomous water treatment and recycling for the toilets known, which saves 97% of water compared to the connected toilets.

Upstream of World UN Water Day on March 22 and in the midst of winter drought that has been continuing for several months, water savings solutions through the reuse of treated wastewater to save billions m3 of drinking water for toilet flushes, are a necessity.

A meeting with other professionals

In ISH Fair, the exhibitors have the latest technologies and trends in fields such as the design of bathrooms, toilets, renewable energy solutions, digitization in the building and construction industry. The fairs also offered many workshops, presentations and round tables, offering participants a precious overview of the latest developments and best practices in the water and sanitary facilities industry.

ISH Frankfurt is an important event for building and construction professionals, including architects, engineers, installers and retailers.

Partnership prospects

The Frankfurt Fair offers a unique platform for networking, learning and discovery of new commercial opportunities. Participating in the ISH Fair was an excellent opportunity for a company developing water reuse technologies for the toilet flushes like WeCo, the only company in the world to offer a technology of water treatment and reuse. Indeed, the fair attracts a wide range of professionals from the bathroom and building technologies, including manufacturers, suppliers and experts in the sector.

Going to this show, WeCo was able to present its innovative technology, get in touch with customers and potential partners and obtain valuable information on trends and best practices in the sector.

WeCo met with its partner SIAMP, a world leader of smart toilets with innovative and sustainable water-saving flushes. SIAMP is a Monegasque Mid-cap which since 1947 produces toilets, has developed the smart toilets, certifies its technologies to save water, for its customers around the world in Europe, Asia and Middle-East.

An enriching experience

WeCo was probably the only start-up in the water and toilet sector to be present, alongside major players in the sector, which is an excellent way for our company, which manufactures toilets with reuse technology Water, to gain visibility, build contacts and keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

In addition, the ISH Fair in Frankfurt highly emphasizes sustainability and energy efficiency, making it an ideal platform for finding expert partners in energy efficiency and offering environmentally friendly solutions.