We would like to thank all our stakeholders for their support throughout the year 2020 which enabled us to win the Innovation Awards from Water Europe, INNOWWIDE, the Seal of Excellence of the European Commission and the ADEME Sustainable City competition.

As for 2021, the year starts with its batch of beautiful projects in France, Germany, Senegal and China for WeCo. It seems that our best wishes to the Santa of Toilets, who could be Mr. Jack Sim (founder of the World Toilet Organization) with whom we had the honor of sharing the spotlight in the Arte documentary  “Toilets without Taboo”, were actually heard.

The documentary « Toilets without taboo » gave a distinctive portray of WeCo and was broadcasted 3 times in less than 6 weeks on the Arte channel within the end of 2020. It is unfortunately no longer available on Arte or YouTube but will return to the MyCanal platform soon. For a good teaser, you have to read the reviews of Le Monde and Positiv’R

As you are committed in the ecological transition, it is not too late to offer our sustainable and innovative toilets to your cities, neighbourhoods, event venues, construction sites and soon your trains and boats too !