How do Weco ecological public toilets work? So Media sweeps away received ideas and tells us everything about these promising public toilets. So, do we change?
WeCo public toilets are ecological public flush toilets, already installed in several places in France. So Media came to meet the users of these toilets of a new kind installed in a cultural place in the Paris region on the occasion of a festival.

Result? An edifying report that dismantles received ideas about ecological public toilets.

The report explains in a very educational way the innovative technology thanks to which the WeCo toilets are autonomous and very functional. For the user, nothing changes. No one realizes he just used such a revolutionary little corner.

When you explain the closed-circuit technology of WeCo toilets to them, they are surprised, then they are won over. Recycling our own urine in order to stop using drinking water for flushing, is immediately seen as an obvious idea and in total coherence with the ecological imperatives of our world.

Nothing disgusting about this system. The water is perfectly purified by the WeCo W-C filtering and electrolysis system.

In addition, WeCo toilets are very pretty, practical and perfectly hygienic . Four times cheaper than conventional toilets, completely self-sufficient, they do not require any connection to public sanitation and can be installed anywhere.

So, as the report suggests, are we changing?