Closed circuit flushing
WeCo’s innovative and eco-friendly public flush toilets have just won the European Innowwide competition for a project in Senegal

The INNOWWIDE call for projects aims to bring highly innovative European SMEs to a leading position in international markets; by enabling them to carry out viability assessment projects (VAPs) in the countries concerned, in cooperation with local actors. It thus creates the conditions necessary to increase the adoption of innovative European solutions in markets outside Europe.

By honoring WeCo, the European INNOWWIDE jury is highlighting the innovative technology of WeCo toilets, which saves thousands of liters of water compared to standard toilets thanks to a closed circuit that recycles water from flushes. Indeed, the autonomous electrolysis sanitation system offered by WeCo treats and recycles wastewater on site, combining ecology, economy, hygiene and comfort.

Poor sanitation in Africa, including Senegal, is a major problem that is increasing with population growth and trends such as water scarcity and urbanization. As actors in the process of developing and modernizing sanitation, WeCo and its local partner Delvic are dedicated to modernizing sanitation by providing sanitation solutions tailored to the needs of the African market.

The evaluators of the INNOWWIDE competition selected the WeCo project in Senegal “because of its originality and the advantages of the technology and the product, as well as its strong potential to solve the serious sanitation problems that plague the developing countries. development. This new technology implemented will have real social and environmental benefits.

 “ The new product, consisting in an advanced flush toilet with on-site wastewater treatment and reuse of the treated water, is a novelty globally. The added value, compared to other similar products, is its capacity to treat and recycle the wastewater, without the need for fresh water or a sewer system. In addition to that, its implementation has a considerable social effect, in terms of alleviating the sanitation problem in Senegal, Africa and worldwide. “

The execution of the project will take place from the fall of this year until the spring of 2021 between Dakar and the Ile de France where the two teams work together. Ultimately, this project will pave the way for pilot testing, allowing the installation of WeCo public toilets near schools, markets and workplaces in Senegal and then in other African countries.