Interview with Cécile Dekeuwer for the Chinese radio station in France (LCF) did us the honor to interview at length Cécile Dekeuwer, President of WeCo, on the raison d’être of WeCo, the innovative solution developed by the company allowing the recycling of excreta on site and to offer ecological, innovative, autonomous flush toilets without consuming it. The interview also exposes the projects of the company WeCo in China, a country favored from the start by the founder Cécile Dekeuwer because of the toilet revolution that has been underway since 2015.

This Toilet Revolution in China program is very ambitious. 70,000 toilets have already been built or renovated. And a new goal has been set for 2020: build or renovate 64,000 other public toilets, especially in tourist areas to strengthen the country’s attraction. It is in this context that WeCo received in 2016 the award of excellence for its ecological and design toilets from the Chinese National Tourism Agency.

WeCo’s technology and its expertise and networks in Asia, more particularly in China and South Korea, make it a player that will become important in these countries where the ambitions in terms of ecological and modern toilets are enormous. The question of odors is also central in toilets and the technology developed by WeCo makes it possible to respond to these fears since the electrochemical treatment, which consists in producing chlorine derivatives to kill pathogens, produces an odor closer to chlorine than to bad effluents. treated.