The Salon des Maires in France is a gathering of companies, institutional executives and local elected officials held annually in Paris, Porte de Versailles. It is a national exhibition that allows players at various levels to offer innovative solutions. Discover in this article, the purpose of its creation and the actors who intervene in it.

What are the objectives of the Salon des Maires?

The Salon des Maires et des Collectivités Locales (SMCL) was set up in order to support territorial leaders and elected officials in territorial transitions. It also supports the implementation of their various projects.

The Salon des Maires also highlights innovative solutions related to themes such as territorial attractiveness, development and digital transformation. This is without forgetting mobility, culture, sport, economy, health and development.

The show is reorganizing and offering exhibition areas and conference spaces around a specific theme. During the 2021 edition, visitors were able to browse 9 exhibition areas including:

  • the territorial development and attractiveness area
  • the environment and living environment area
  • the technology and digital transformation zone
  • the construction and development area, etc.

These different spaces combine projects, solutions and innovations. Every year, during the Show, the Innovation Prize is awarded.

At the Salon des Maires in 2021, the Territorial Innovation Awards formerly known as the SMCL Innovation Awards went to several finalists in different fields.

This competition is organized to reward the ideas developed by the exhibitors in order to satisfy the local authorities.

Who is present at the Salon des Maires?

The Salon des Maires is organized by INFOPRO DIGITAL with the partnership of the Association of Mayors and Presidents of Intercommunality of France. Each year, it brings together a very large number of elected officials and actors from different territories. This year, WeCo was present at the Salon des Maires to meet many local elected officials.

During this edition, our start-up was able to meet suppliers, territorial actors (Ile-de-France and territorial), institutional partners and certain media.

Solution providers

For several exhibiting companies, the Exhibition of Mayors and Local Authorities provides a setting for the launch of their new solutions. These solutions are addressed to local authorities. Exhibiting companies, such as WeCo, also take advantage of the show to make new prospections and strengthen existing links.

Territorial actors

Whether you are Mayor, Municipal Councillor, President or Elected Representative of intercommunality, DGS, DG, DGA, you can participate in the Salon des Maires. This is a major event for local actors from all territories. This fair is of interest to the various representatives of the French territory in its great diversity.

Institutional partners

The Salon des Maires calls on a team of experts in order to propose adequate solutions to topics related to territorial transitions. These experts put their knowledge, passion and attention to the benefit of the participants.

Media partners

Many professional and general media collaborate with the Salon des Maires. They are mostly specialists in a theme or a sector of activity.