Territorial innovation aims to improve the daily life of communities. However, its perception varies from one person to another. It could be defined as a new approach tailored to a specific problem or need of a community.

In France, more precisely in Paris, the Innopolis exhibition  was established in September 2021 to reveal innovations that can change cities and territories. This show usually gathers about 150 exhibitors, more than 2000 visitors and more than 150 speakers. The Innopolis exhibition is the ideal setting for the various actors  with supporting the territorial projects of local authorities.

The Innopolis fair in response to the upheaval of daily activities

Due to the recent global health crisis, people have faced a major upheaval in daily habits. In order to build a better world in this period of coming back to normal life, the first edition of Innopolis Expo was created and was held in Paris in September 2021.

The aim was to present innovative solutions to correct the social, technological and environmental problems of today’s society. On September 20 and 21, 2022, the Espace Champerret will host the 2nd edition of this exhibition dedicated to innovations that will reinvent the cities and territories of tomorrow.

Quite rightly, Innopolis Expo works in collaboration with companies and institutions as well as local authorities. The show brings together all project holders with the aim of exchanging on the possibilities to prepare the world of tomorrow.

Among the various collaborating companies, we find InovaYa, one of WeCo’s partners. It is a company that fights for the improvement of the availability and quality of water.

InovaYa’s contribution to improving water management

InovaYa is an impact company that is involved in the sustainable management of water and works for the preservation of this resource and its access for all. It develops its own innovative water filtration and treatment technologies. It is a solidarity enterprise that acts in the public interest.

The technologies it develops correspond to the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations (UN). These technologies make it possible to make any source of fresh water drinkable and accessible.

The InovaYa team  is made up of dynamic and passionate people who promote values such as equality, preservation, surpassing oneself and humility.

What to remember from the 1st edition of the Innopolis Fair  ?

This first edition of Innopolis Expo was a great success. It has been able to bring territorial innovation to the forefront. In fact, several participants gave very positive feedback.

Bringing together more than 2000 participants, Innopolis Expo 2021 met the expectations of 76% of visitors thanks to all the content of the event and 84% have already expressed the desire to renew the experience during the second edition in 2022.

In 2021, a total of 112 brands and exhibitors and more than 180 speakers were present in an ideal space. They were able to discuss and exchange around 6 different programs.

From the point of view of the participants and WeCo, it was a successful show. Today, it is the ideal way to expose the territorial problems we face and to provide innovative solutions.