WeCo is exhibiting its ecological closed-circuit flush toilet process at WORLD EFFICIENCY.

 WeCo has become in 3 years THE French start up with ambitions and an international capacity that wants to save the planet! Le Figaro was not mistaken and gave it a good audience in this article which highlights our innovative technology allowing to recycle all waste and excreta on site. The WeCo toilet works with water, but autonomously. These toilets have a system capable of recycling wastewater in a closed circuit. They can even process urine for reuse, in cleaning, watering or industrial applications. These toilets have already been tested at public events, such as the Futur En Seine festival or the Biennale du Design in Saint-Étienne.
Our urine recycling technology is currently installed in St Etienne in the buildings of the art and design school as well as in a recycled container fitted out in Vitry-sur-Seine.

These demonstrators and first customers that are in particular the Metropolis of St Etienne whom we thank, allow us to test and demonstrate to our customers, prospects, media, these ecological and innovative toilets, only perfectly autonomous flush toilets in the world which recycle water and faeces on site.