The web platform Construction 21 which aims to facilitate the ecological transition of cities, presents < a href = ""> WeCo in his dossier on “water; current and future challenges ”.

The question of scarcity of drinking water has become crucial and unavoidable. This water, used for various human uses, is systematically returned to the natural environment in a degraded qualitative state. The construction file 21 reports on places of drinking water consumption in the world and its dizzying increase. It also presents alternative and sustainable solutions .

Among these, of course, are the ecological WeCo flush toilets, which perfectly meet the ecological requirements of our time. In article # 9 WeCo Recy’Loo, Cécile Dekeuwer, founder and president of WeCo, presents the ecological and economic advantages of these innovative sanitary facilities.

WeCo ecological public toilets are completely autonomous and have an ecological impact that is beyond comparison with conventional public toilets. As economical as a dry toilet, the WeCo flush toilets don’t have the drawbacks.

Certainly sanitary facilities that make an innovative and viable contribution to the ecological transition.