Bertrand Viala, co-founder of the agency Battle Tested Consultant (BT Consultant), specialist in the management of internationalization projects for SMEs, VSEs and start-ups, hosts the new podcast ” Glocal Planet “ which reaches out to entrepreneurs, industrialists or researchers facing business challenges while striving to have a positive impact on a global scale.

 Glocal Planet today presents WeCo, the first innovative and autonomous ecological flush toilets which recycle wastewater on site, without connection to the sewer system. On the strength of its labels and awards, WeCo has received honors from ADEME, the government agency for ecological transition, which awarded it the First Sustainable City Prize, and from the European Commission, which awarded it its Seal this year. of Excellence.

Cécile Dekeuwer, President of WeCo, formerly an international lawyer, has a committed entrepreneurial journey that has led her to meet research centers in Europe and around the world, which enabled WeCo to collaborate with Caltech in 2016, and benefit from unique technology. According to her, France has a proactive spirit to support innovation.

Today the health crisis allows us to realize that the lack of access to water and the absence or the limits of a sanitation system which must be the subject of a real question. Beyond the emerging countries which are the first affected by this lack of health investment, we find traces of viruses in our wastewater, whether in France or in Europe. Thus, WeCo now provides a solution to face the health challenges of tomorrow, and helps communities and tourist sites which now need to invest more in secure infrastructure to welcome visitors.

 Cécile Dekeuwer is confident about the future of French industry in innovative sectors such as WeCo. Since last fall, the production of WeCo toilets has been relocated to France in order to make it safer, but this does not exclude, quite the contrary, work with China which represents a market with high potential on health issues, innovation and industrial not to be neglected.

Reusing wastewater and making it drinkable to avoid waste while ensuring sanitary safety is the challenge that Cécile Dekeuwer has set for herself with WeCo, which sets itself apart from dry and chemical toilets. Indeed, the biological and electrochemical treatment that WeCo toilets allow constitutes a major innovation: the chlorine generated in the electrolysis system destroys viruses that could be found in the wastewater of the toilets, and is currently the preferred means of action. by WHO. Thus, beyond the economic and ecological aspect, WeCo has the merit of meeting current health requirements. Finally, WeCo toilets produce disinfectant in order to sanitize all surfaces more effectively and to secure black water (also known as “brown water” or “black water”). WeCo continues to be in action for the world of tomorrow, which is entering a new era from a health perspective.