WeCo’s innovative and ecological flush public toilets just won the Water Innovation Europe Awards 2020 (WIE2020) in the Global Water Challenges category.

Water Europe contributes to solving water-related problems, by encouraging collaboration between the different industrial sectors: launched by the European Commission in 2004, they now bring together 216 members such as Suez or Veolia to continuously discuss water sectors in Europe and develop their competitiveness.

By rewarding WeCo with this prize, Water Europe is highlighting the innovative technology of WeCo toilets, thanks to which more than 155,000 liters of water per year compared to standard toilets. Indeed, the autonomous electrolysis sanitation system offered by WeCo treats and recycles wastewater on site, combining ecology, economy, hygiene and comfort.

Cécile Dekeuwer, President of WeCo, therefore participated in the awards event which rewarded Europe’s most innovative solutions in the field of water at the Water Innovation Europe 2020 conference.