Water Europe is the European NGO which brings together all the water stakeholders in Europe and which awarded the innovation prize to WeCo in 2020. Cécile Dekeuwer presented WeCo there during the Spring online edition 2021.

The company was founded in 2014. It has received numerous innovation awards (Chinese National Tourism Agency, Gates Foundation…) and
established several partnerships (Alstom, SNME…). WeCo toilets contribute to solving multiple problems: they act in favor of the climate by saving billions of clean water usually wasted for flushing, highlight the importance of saving this resource which is less and less unlimited in developed countries.

WeCo works in collaboration with partners in the R&D for public, autonomous eco-toilets, adapted to sustainable cities. The company offers
a unique innovative, safe and sustainable solution.

WeCo public toilets consume 1,000l of water per year (per 100 daily users) compared to 219,000l of water for flushing standard public toilets. In addition, they do not entail any cost related to sewer connections, therefore allowing significant savings and mobility of toilets which can be interesting for communities, cities, builders, event companies …