Cécile Dekeuwer presents at the (World Congress of Sanitation) in Pune, India, to share WeCo expertise.

The World Sanitation Summit was designed as a platform to synergize all innovations in sanitation economics and bring out the solutions of tomorrow.
Sanitation is both a crucial and a promising sector. Improving sanitary conditions is essential in many places around the world. It is also a potentially promising sector for economic development.

But above all, it is a sector whose economic model needs to be fundamentally rethought

The main players in sanitation are finding that the current model, heavy in infrastructure, is obsolete. Too high costs for systems that are too heavy and too rigid. Today’s world needs adaptable and more resource-efficient solutions.

The economics of sanitation has an important role to play in the ecological transition. Toilets and sanitation systems must be radically rethought to build the sanitation of tomorrow. The toilets of the future must be sustainable and accessible to all.

As such, the WeCo recyclable ecological public flush toilets offer an economically viable and ecologically interesting solution for the construction of the sanitation of tomorrow.

WeCo was therefore invited by the Toilet Board Coalition to participate in the Pune Summit in India to share its expertise in the field of ecological sanitation.

The Toilet Board Coalition is a group of key players in the sanitation sector who work together to advance access to toilets around the world and improve the environmental impact of current sanitation systems. Board Coalition has set up a program to promote companies that offer innovative solutions in the collection, treatment and transformation of sanitation resources.

The 2019 GSES in Pune presents in the form of different sessions, the successes of the major players in sanitation, while emphasizing best practices in the field and promoting the networking of all stakeholders in the sector.