Our company WeCo has been labelled as a Deep Tech pioneer by Hello Tomorrow which is one of the world’s largest start-up acceleration programs. This is a recognition of our efforts to provide the best solutions to our customers and of our commitment to innovation.

Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Pioneers: a recognition for WeCo

Hello Tomorrow is a globally beknown startup accelerator program focused on new high-impact technologies.

Their Deep Tech Pioneers award highlights the most innovative and promising projects in the deep tech field, recognizing them as industry pioneers.

Selected projects are evaluated for their potential to revolutionize their industry and have a significant impact on society.

Being selected as a deep tech pioneer by Hello Tomorrow is a great honor for WeCo, it is a recognition of the work we have done so far and the expertise in our field.

As a reminder, here is the BPI’s definition of Deep Tech: “Deeptech is a word that we are still going to be hearing of “, says Paul-François Fournier, Executive Director of the Innovation Department of Bpifrance, in his introduction to the Deeptech Generation guide.

But what’s behind this word? Whether it’s written as deeptech or deep tech, the term always refers to startups that offer products or services based on disruptive innovations.

Their ambition?

To tackle the major challenges of the 21st century: a new technique to fight cancer or climate change, for example. And all fields are concerned.

A reward and many opportunities for WeCo

Our selection as a Deep Tech pioneer places us among the most innovative and promising projects. This is a significant recognition of the importance and the technical and scientific complexity of our innovation in the field of climate change.

This award shows a recognition, a label on our know-how and our innovation, knowing that WeCo has already been recognized by the European Commission for the treatment and recovery of wastewater, with the Seal of Excellence in the framework of the EIC Accelerator obtained in 2020.

This award by Hello Tomorrow, making us a pioneer of deep tech in our field, means that we will have access to exclusive opportunities to strengthen our position as a leader in our field of activity and to pursue our future development.

The first opportunity will be an invitation to the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris on March 9-10, 2023. This event will bring together the biggest players in the deep tech world to discuss the latest trends and developments in this ever-evolving field.

WeCo will also have the unique opportunity to meet VCs and CVCs in person at the Investor Day on March 8, 2023 https://hello-tomorrow.org/investor-day/. This event will allow WeCo to build relationships with potential investors in the deeptech version of ClimTech or WaterTech, who could support our future development.

WeCo will have access throughout the year to exclusive opportunities dedicated to the Hello Tomorrow community. This will allow WeCo to connect with other promising deep tech projects, share knowledge and build lasting relationships with other industry leaders.