L’Usine Nouvelle, an economic and industrial news media for B2B professionals in the industry, published an article on WeCo and our solutions in September 2022. This article was an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to develop ecological but also and above all, autonomous toilets.

Save water and generate surplus!

The Usine Nouvelle article shows how revolutionary the solution proposed by WeCo is. Indeed, as indicated in the article, our toilets do not require a connection to running water, better, they save up to 97% of water compared to conventional toilets!

We have been working for more than eight years on the development of our deeptech with an industrial approach. Our toilets, which combine bacteriological and electrochemical treatment, are the only innovative and ecological autonomous toilet solution with treated and recycled water.

Thanks to this autonomy, our toilets can be transported to all regions of the world, even and especially in places where water is scarcest, or where there are no sanitation networks as is often the case in African cities. Thanks to our technology, the flushes are treated in a closed circuit. The solids are broken down and the liquids are made into sterilized and clarified water before use.

A great advantage of this solution is that the addition of urine generates a surplus of water that can be used for cleaning or even watering. As indicated in the article, sludge recovered during multi-year emptying can be recycled.

A system in the process of miniaturization

Currently, our system needs a volume of two cubic meters to be installed. Our current challenge is to succeed in miniaturizing our “mini wastewater treatment plant” solution so that it is adaptable “to restricted environments such as construction sites, trains, planes, boats, …”.

By overcoming this challenge, our solution could then attract many private companies in addition to the many countries, regions and municipalities with which we are already discussing to install our solution.