Lately, because of our upcoming fundraising, WeCo is very present in the French and international media. Our project, which concerns everyone, succeeds in attracting people’s interest. The French daily economic and financial media, Les Echos offered us great visibility thanks to our partnership with Francioli Citygie.

Les Echos talk about WeCo

In France, the historical and reputed daily for the economic and financial world, Les Echos, published an article on November 22, 2022 about our company and our solutions (you can find the article by clicking on this link).

The magazine deals daily with current affairs and covers extensive investigations into the various economic fields. Les Echos offers in-depth and comprehensive coverage of the current environment.

By writing an article on WeCo, the business magazine shows how issues related to the environment and innovation – more specifically water – as well as toilets are becoming a real social issue. Our autonomous toilets, which do not require connection to water networks, are positioned as an indispensable solution for a more sustainable future.

In the article of Les Echos, it is also recalled that we will install, for the first time in Senegal, toilets powered by electricity with solar panels. Our toilets, already autonomous in water, also become autonomous in electricity.

World Toilet Day to address a societal problem

Every year, on November 19, World Toilet Day is held. Less than half of the world’s population have adequate sanitation facilities. Nearly 1 billion people defecate in the open. Every year, nearly 300,000 children under the age of five die due to drinking contaminated water.

The UN estimates that 3.6 billion people lack access to adequate facilities. To tackle this terrible issue, the United Nations aims to ensure that everyone can have access to adequate health services by 2030.

This year’s focus is on groundwater. “Open defecation is not only a dangerous practice,” says Down to Earth, which tells several stories of people being attacked by wild beasts. “It’s also unhealthy, as human feces can spread into rivers, lakes and soil, contaminating groundwater.

The vast majority of people cited in this study live in underdeveloped or developing countries. Few of them have access to water networks and discharge their wastewater into groundwater that becomes polluted and unfit for consumption.

The solution offered by our off-grid toilets with treated and recycled water on site could be part of the solution to this equation. This is what we work on every day at WeCo – Toilet By developing a deeptech that makes it possible to overcome sanitation networks by treating and recycling wastewater into clean water for closed-circuit flushing, thanks to an electrolytic treatment that kills viruses and pathogens. The purpose still being to offer populations in need of water, sanitation network, treated water for flushing toilets, even autonomous.